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Self Portriat taken by TruleiVersatile
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Welcome to the Collective Immersive Experience 


This guided audio art piece is about our shared and individual experiences as a collective. We tend to be so wrapped up in our own world we fail to realize the person next to us is having their own experience at the same exact time as we. This poetic piece is exploring the idea of walking, the ideas that come from walking, the therapeutic nature of walking while sending you through an internal immersive sound space of a

black body.

Take A Walk With Me...I'm BLACK 

Solo Walk

Solo Walk 

Missed the collective experience?

Unable to attend?


This guided piece was tailored for the individual experience. Instead of walking with me, I hand you my shoes and ask that you just take a walk .....

Solo Walk

How was your walk?

I would like to know, leave a few words, visuals  or others...

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