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About Trulei

Trulei Versatile is a Houston Native who has received her Masters of Fine Arts in New Media,Performance and Photography at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Trulei produces interdisciplinary art in the realms of performance, professional photography and poetry. She is inspired by her own personal experiences and the impact of daily social interactions.


Exploring her place in the African Diaspora also lends to Trulei’s expressions of metaphysic, psychological and physical identity. She studies the fragments of self and her roots as she attempts to reconnect to the greater human family.


Trulei has guided audiences through intense, emotional happenings with live and video performances at the Luis Leu Gallery, Karlsruhe, Germany, Impact Theater In New York City, High Wire Arts and at the Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum in San Antonio Texas. She is known for her live performance “Eleutheromania” where she hung from the ceiling and became a human marionette. “ It’s Expected”  where she stands for hours on a pedestal in the infamous twerking pose and “Transitions” a video performance piece where she embodies the struggle of a black women and how we transition through our daily struggles.


Trulei Versatile will continue to vocalize her perception of what it means to be black in America. 

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