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Why Trulei Versatile?

It perfectly, imperfectly describes who I am.

"Tru Legs" Film Photography, 2014 Tulei
"Tru Legs" Film Photography, 2014 Tulei

My alias "Trulei" was born in a creative dorm room, summer haze while trying to put a name to my poetry. At the time, I just didn’t feel like my government name would do my poetry justice. I was always known among my friends to be factual, always spitting out facts and truths, sometimes I was a little too truthful and honest, which got me into trouble.

I have grown. But "Trulei" stuck with me because, in my poetry, I always speak my truth, the truth I see, my truest feelings.

My undergrad was a crazy journey of self-discovery. I started as a science major and ended up an Art major. Each year I fully evolve from my former self and become who I needed to be. Which is how I got Versatile. I am chameleon, I blend in many different situations and crowds which is transferred into my art.

I began to explore different mediums and art forms, and I found a piece of myself that I needed to express in every medium that I was introduced to in art classes. Art has always been a part of who I am, a hobby in my life; on this journey, it grew from interest to purpose. I have to CREATE. From that realization " Trulei Versatile Studios" was founded.

I am an artist through and through. I do not limit myself to any medium.

I am Trulei Versatile

A creator.

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