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Ready, Set, Grad....

I have known that I wanted to come back to school, before I graduated with my bachelors. Being in a educational setting has always been a safe for me because I love to learn and knowledge is power. So when I got accepted to UTSA, I was stocked.

First day of school comes around faster than I expected but I was mentally prepared.. or so I thought. Pumped and ready for school, I head to my first day as a MFA Grad student.

Instantly, I was hit with a presentation due, next day 3 concepts due, next day 2 papers and a outline brainstorm due plus a studio visit next week and I just got my studio 2 days ago. ( yesss I know, My very own studio space!)

I have officially dived in and there is no turning back! Even though the load is great and expectations high. My drive and passions are higher. I have been absorbing , processing, healing and evolving in silence.

Now , is the time, I must speak, I must create.


Ps. Going back to school is expensive, so purchasing any art work would help a million. If you don't see anything you like I will have more works coming, you can commission a piece Or you can just donate (literally, anything helps)

I have a GOFUNDME, Cash App & PayPal Donations. @truleiVersatile

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