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Starting Over, Professionally

Updated: May 25, 2018

There are so many questions I get of why my portfolio doesn't match the years of experience that I "claim" to have. Where is my proof of my art projects or the 11 years of photography under my belt?


Carelessness and being over trusting of technology is why. In my kind spirit, I loaned out my computer to a friend with every photo, portrait I have ever taken, every piece of documentation, artwork I had created in the last 4-5 years, stored on my hard drive. The next time I saw my computer everything was GONE.

I tried everything to recover my hard drive, but it was fried, and wiped; how did it end up that way, the world may never know. After, losing my hard drive I lost all physical hard copies of 90% of my creative projects. I didn't feel like an artist let alone a professional.

When you do not have a deep, cohesive portfolio; clients doubt you, your skills and ability to do business. It hurts, especially when you know how hard you work. I gave up after awhile, I lost my will to fight for my dream. Started to question if I was an artist at all.

Rock Bottom, was hit and I was just trying to survive. It made it hard to create, and when I cannot create, I feel lost, and I was lost for a long time. Until, I became aware of how important art was to me, how creating was something I NEEDED to do.

Once you realize it is something you can not live without it sets a fire in you that can deny. So now I am giving it all I got, starting over is scary and annoying because you have done it before.

But starting over can also be a gift, it gives you many opportunities to see where you went wrong and what you can do better.

Like now I have 2 back up hard drives and my work computer doesn't leave my sight. I have learned how to vouch for myself my prices and my vision. I have learned my quality over quick quantity is the route I rather take. I learned I love acquiring knowledge and skills; I am a forever student of life, and beginning again is a part of the process. The road to success is long and lonely.

So start over as often as it takes,

regroup, research,

learn , apply &



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