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26 and Counting

Wow, what a rush of responsibility when you come of age, reaching 26 seems like a milestone and a curse all in one , I am older than 2 Pac, Insurance rates go down, I can rent a car , no parental health insurance . No longer a dependent according to the government. Now, I am considered an adult , Adult. Yes , Adult with a capital A. I am expected to have a certain hold on my life and handle on my responsibilities.

Whichhhh, is not the case for me. 26 hit me like a wrecking ball in my blind sight. I started getting bombarded with bill after bill, phone just blowing up with unknown calls. I swore the planets were alined against me ,I wasn’t ready at all for the change up. I mentally started to panic! Adulting is no fun.

I had to PAUSE and look inward.

I had to cut all of my distractions out, cut interactions short I have been loosing followers left and right from my social silence. But it was needed, I reflected on how far I had come, things I had over come and figure out what direction I wanted my life to go, and plan.

Sometimes we just need to be silent, be still and listen….

This is wha my silence looks like. A peaceful night.

I am excited to rise out of my silence with something to say, A LOT to say.

Stay tuned…


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